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Cul2vate E-Newsletter February-March 2017

Thank you for taking the time to read our February/March 2017 newsletter.


2017 has started off with a bang! Our new Cul2vators (farmer-students) are in full-swing in classes and on the farm. They have been using these first weeks to learn about farming, and will begin their classes on life skills next. Each class day of course also includes discussions on discipleship. Here they are with their Cul2vate binders ready to learn!

Down on the Farm

Thanks to a grant from the USDA, 2 new greenhouses have been added to our farm at Ellington Agricultural Center. These crop tunnels will now be able to house 2800 tomato plants. 2800! Planting tomatoes has begun, and our tomato crop will begin being available just weeks after. Stay tuned for where you can purchase Cul2vate produce!


Volunteer opportunities are always available! Please let Jennifer know if you would like to volunteer on the farm, bring lunch to our students once a month, begin a prayer group, or help us with a tool drive. You can email Jenn at

Portrait of a Cul2vate Champion

This work would be impossible without you, our Champions! One of our wonderful monthly donors, Anni Self, works for the State of Tennessee Department of Agriculture. Anni heard about us in her office, and admits she was skeptical of the viability of our mission. As she learned more about Cul2vate, she offered to help identify diseases that might be problematic on our crops. Still thinking there was not much this small ministry could do, she began to work with our staff and volunteers helping us to identify and treat crop diseases. She says, “It didn’t take long for me to realize Cul2vate is such a passion-filled, love-driven operation with so many committed volunteers; it’s a group that can accomplish anything!” Thank you, Anni, for your continued support and love of Cul2vate! Your gifts to Cul2vate are so appreciated and necessary to continue our mission! You can give today here. $25 will provide fresh vegetables for a family of 4 for 2 weeks! Consider making a monthly recurring gift that will help feed the hungry!

Pray For Cul2vate

By following God’s plan and working hard, Cul2vate will continue to grow and prosper. An easy way you can help us is by praying! Pray for the Cul2vators who will walk with us this season. Pray for rain, our crops, and an abundant harvest. Pray for the volunteers and champions who spread the word about Cul2vate that we may continue to listen to His plan as we continue in 2017.

Highlighting A Ministry Partner: The Nashville Food Project

The Nashville Food Project became an independent organization in October of 2011. Their mission is bring people together to grow, cook and share nourishing food, with the goals of cultivating community and alleviating hunger in Nashville. They grow food and share their knowledge with those who would like to do the same, teach people how to cook healthy meals, and also distribute food and meals to those in need via their food trucks. Cul2vate is proud to provide fresh produce to aid in their mission!

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Tomato Seedlings planted!