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Cul2vate believes in the mandate of Matthew 25:35. Jesus very practically teaches about caring for others when He states, “I was hungry, and you fed me.” It is our job to feed the hungry locally – those who suffer from physical hunger, and those who hunger for a fresh start.

Cul2vate is Growing Food and Growing People right here in Nashville, TN. We are a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit comprised of Middle Tennessee residents joining together to fight hunger. Our mission is two-fold:

Growing Food

First, nutritional, produce is grown locally and donated to those without access to fresh vegetables who live in food deserts. Did you know that one in five Nashville residents lives in a food desert? Food deserts as defined by the USDA are neighborhoods that lack healthy food sources, usually in impoverished areas. By providing produce to those in need, hunger can be alleviated one potato or tomato at a time.

Growing People

Second, those in need are offered a second chance. Individuals who can benefit from a fresh start are offered part-time work, job readiness and life skills training, all with spiritual discipleship in the forefront. These individuals are called “Cul2vators” as they are cultivating new life in the crops they nurture and within their own lives. By working with local partners, we seek to help them with full-time job placement.

Click here to checkout the story of our first Cul2vator Chris Comstock.

Matthew 25:35 relates to all the importance of feeding the hungry. Hunger comes in many forms, both physical and spiritual. Agriculture, employment, and relationships with each individual can help break the cycle of poverty. Cul2vators are encouraged to grow in their relationship with God, improve their lives, enrich those lives they touch in turn, and work toward a greater good by growing crops that are donated.