Developing People

Cul2vate builds 100’ x 25’ drip irrigation tunnels as our primary production platform. Each of these tunnels houses approximately 700 plants that are used as a tool for training people in the communities we serve.

Selected applicants from each community partner with us through a 6-month training program, which consists of learning life skills, agriculture techniques, business skills, and discipleship.

Life Skills Education

In our life skills education, Cul2vate works with participants gently teaching basic soft-skills that employers require in potential employees. This foundational component is important regardless of the job field our participants choose to enter once they graduate from the program.

Agricultural Training

The agricultural components of the training focus on basic drip irrigation and how to grow crops using this technique. This farming methodology is technical, intriguing, and outside of the general imagery that comes to mind when we think of agriculture.

As they progress, participants are given row assignments and management tasks involved in delivering produce to their own communities.

Business Curriculum

The business curriculum focuses first on personal finance and transitions to business finance as participants move through their training. A percentage of the produce grown by participants is marketed and sold directly by them as a way to give practical application to what they are learning.


We primarily believe discipleship happens through our day-to-day interactions of working and living life together. That’s Christ’s model. Through the bond we cultivate with our participants, showing Christ’s love through our actions is the natural progression from starting as Employer and ending as Brother.