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As we prepare for the holiday season, we reflect on how we are meant as people to surround ourselves with community and to give of ourselves generously to one another. However, loneliness affects people every day. Feeling isolated is magnified for people who are struggling to recover from marginalizing life experiences.

For those who have experienced the difficulties of incarceration and for those who have struggled with addiction, or even for those who may feel themselves an outcast without purpose, it is imperative they find a supportive community. Healthy community offers strength and the opportunity to move from merely surviving to flourishing.

We recently completed an Impact Study, and we found that community is the cornerstone of stability. The data revealed how meaningful a supportive community and giving back to that community is to Cul2vate graduates. Throughout our interviews, we heard that finding support and  love at Cul2vate has changed the way graduates view and appreciate community.

We are excited to share some stories from the people working for and with Cul2vate about what makes the Cul2vate Community so valuable to them. Check back right here for stories about people who have found community at Cul2vate! It is our hope that every Cul2vator, staff member, community partner, and volunteer who steps foot on our farm find a group of people that embodies patience, kindness, dignity and respect.

We invite you to join in “Cul2vating Community” with us by giving a gift. Your gift will provide a trusted community for people like Jimmy, Adam, Abby, & Josh. Contribute today to provide a lasting cornerstone of stability for people to find their footing and never walk alone.