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Miracle Potatoes

As we continue to delve into what resilience really means, we want to share a story. A story about potatoes.

Pictured here is what seems to be an ordinary row of potatoes. The tops are healthy, and they the tubers growing underground are growing, turning into food that will feed the hungry. Truth be told, this is no ordinary patch of potatoes!

In March of this year, the Cul2vate farm experienced severe and damaging flooding. A wave of water about four feet high rushed through the farm and barn, leaving destruction in its path. The devastation seemed insurmountable in the moment, but the incredible community surrounding Cul2vate came together and began to help rebuild. As the waters dried and the farm began to heal, we planted new seedlings and began moving forward. One day, this area of potatoes caught some attention. You see, those potatoes were never actually planted there – they were lifted by the hands of God in the flood and deposited right there – in a perfect row. Only God can draw straight with crooked lines.

That small patch of potatoes provides quite a lesson in how even crops – like people – have to be resilient. It is quite a blessing to witness a powerful example of God’s love and faithfulness, and it was a privilege to provide those potatoes to a family in need.