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We’d love for you to meet Jimmy! Jimmy is 51 years old and has three beautiful daughters and eight grandbabies. He is helpful, kind, enthusiastic, honest, and always has a smile for those he meets. His diligence and work ethic are unparalleled. The Cul2vate Farm is better for having the likes of Jimmy gracing its fields and greenhouses. Jimmy has also spent 25 of his 51 years behind bars. While he doesn’t like to dwell on all the hard things that have happened in the past, he knows the exact time that he began listening to what God had in store for him.

While at Trousdale Correctional in Hartsville, TN, serving a three-year sentence, Jimmy started picking up the Bible. He says he started talking to God a little bit, and He spoke back! In February of 2019, he was released and moved into Men of Valor where men coming out of incarceration can find lodging and people who help equip them to re-enter society as men of integrity. At Men of Valor, Jimmy’s “punishment” was to go out to serve food to homeless people. He was distributing cookies – cookies we may have thrown away as they were a little bit stale. As he was doing so, an older lady approached him. He said, trying to lighten the mood in true Jimmy fashion, “Ma’am, would you like some of these cookies I baked fresh this morning with love?”

She looked him straight in the eyes and said, “God bless people like you.” As Jimmy says, this was a “smacked-in-the-mouth-moment”. No stranger had ever spoken so kindly and truly to him. He was incredibly touched and began thinking that maybe he did have something to give back to this world.

Three days later and never having heard of Cul2vate, he came to visit the farm. He says Joey and Matt greeted him with open arms, giving him a blessing from God he will never forget. He loves doing God’s work alongside those at Cul2vate.

The best part of Cul2vate for Jimmy is giving food away to those in need. He says it makes him feel fantastic that a truck pulls up each week to take hundreds of pounds of food to kids or older people who sincerely need it. His true servant heart is such an incredible example for us all.

God bless people like you, Jimmy.