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Cul2vator Jackie!

Welcome to the final installment of Jackie’s Story! What a blessing he is to us all. We hope you have been encouraged by his strength, faith, and humility. This week he says thank you, but WE are the blessed and thankful ones that he is a part of the Cul2vate family! Take a look at this (1 minute, 9 second) video of Jackie to finish this part of his story. And we’ll be sure to update you as his journey continues.

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It is now time for Part 4 of Jackie’ story! You may remember from past weeks that Jackie came from humble and tough beginnings, came to Cul2vate through Men of Valor, and has truly found his place and a way to help other people by working at Cul2vate. This week, Jackie tells us what he says to others about Cul2vate! Watch the (1 min, 25 second) video to hear more. And then consider a gift this holiday season to grow food, people and in faith with Cul2vate.

Welcome to installment 3 of Jackie’s story! Jackie is such a blessing to Cul2vate and anyone who gets to know him. This week, we find out what Cul2vate means to Jackie. His giving heart and willingness to place is trust in God and community is truly inspirational. Watch the 1 minute 21 second video below to find out more! Please also join Jackie and Cul2vate in Growing in Faith.


Last week, we introduced you to Jackie. This week, we continue his story. In this week’s (1 min 18 second video), you can hear from Jackie about how he became connected to Cul2vate. We know you will be blessed to hear from him! We invite you to join Jackie and Cul2vate in Growing in Faith this season!

Over the next few weeks, we are going to share with you a story of a very special person – Jackie. Jackie came to Cul2vate this year, and he is such an incredible example of what it means to grow in faith. Please come back each week for another short video as we journey through Jackie’s story. We hope you will be inspired and encouraged by his story.

In this first short video (1 minute), Jackie talks about his past and how he has struggled. Come back to see the next installment!

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