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When Cul2vate set out with a handful of champions and a dream of two greenhouses on a plot of land 5 years ago, we did not know what was in store for us.

But God did.

Through his provision and direction, the humble Cul2vate Farm has become a hub of community, food, and Christlike love. Each of you has played an important role by opening your hearts to being a member of this humble ministry.

Who knew that that early, small vision would employ men of all walks of life and bring together people who otherwise never would have entered each others’ lives? Who knew that those who opened up to friendships with people unlike themselves would be blessed beyond measure? Who knew that those who set out to volunteer would receive immeasurably more than they gave?

God did.

With each passing year, more Cul2vators tilled the soil, adding their love and passion to the farm. Their dedication, openness, and work ethic have shaped the farm in ways that couldn’t have been done alone. And each brings a story of which each of us are a part. A story that grows stronger in Christ’s love with each year.

Who knew that a small group of champions would grow into an entire community of people working together to build God’s Kingdom on earth one tomato or potato at a time?

God did.

With each person who came to the farm to sow a seed, to water the earth, and to interact with the Cul2vators, the farm has grown stronger in His love and provision. Your hands, your hearts, and your love have built this farm, and for that we are eternally grateful.

And we are grateful to God for bringing you to us! We are grateful to God for your prayers, belief, and faith in the small but mighty community that has developed over the past 5 years.

2020 may have been a year of many challenges, but we remain, like you, steadfast in the mission of Cul2vate and in our faith in God.

Every seed planted is one of HOPE. Hope for the Cul2vators as they are trained and grow on the farm. Hope for an even stronger community working together to fight spiritual and physical hunger. Hope for God moving in new ways in all our lives. Hope for a future that builds God’s Kingdom on earth.

May you have a blessed and peaceful Christmas, and may you know in your heart that you have changed us for the better.