Volunteers drive what we do. We believe that our strength lies in our volunteer networks, and that is why we push daily updates through social media and quarterly newsletters outlining opportunities to engage.

We all have certain God-given talents and skills, and sharing those gifts with others is a twofold blessing: we are blessed by the knowledge of your talents, and you are blessed by growing the seeds in others.

We Love Farmers and Green Thumbs

Many modern day farmers are eager to share their knowledge with a younger generation in hopes of securing the know-how to grow your own food for future generations.

We need the talent of seasoned farmers walking side-by-side with our novice farmers imparting the intricate knowledge of agriculture that comes only through experience and dedication.

Having said that, though, you don’t have to be a genuine farmer to volunteer on our farms! You can turn the soil and work the farm, contribute to the grounds maintenance, pick vegetables or pack them for delivery, or just be a friend to someone walking the grounds.

Click the button below to sign up to volunteer at Ellington Agricultural Center farm.

We Need More Than Farmers

Additionally, Cul2vate is more than simply farming; it’s connecting many avenues of talents to build a solid foundation so that the ministry will continue for future generations. We have many needs and rely upon our volunteers to keep the non-profit advancing toward the Kingdom.

We are looking for volunteers to help build our social media presence, to fulfill online merchandise purchases, to assist with bookkeeping and accounting, and most importantly, to mentor our farmers spiritually and socially. In other words, we need hands serving at Christ’s feet.

Ready to Volunteer?

We seek to be yoked together with the hearts that yearn to bring others out of poverty. Volunteer to be the iron that sharpens iron and strengthens your fellow brother.

Please fill out the form below to get started and a Cul2vate team member will contact you.

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