Sponsor Our Farmers

We believe that the selection of our farmers is one of the most critical pieces of the process. Our partners serve as referral sources and help us find applicants who have shown a desire to work hard and want to create a better life for them and their families.

These partners have worked relentlessly establishing relationships within the communities we serve and are a vital part of recruiting those who want help rising out of poverty.

How it Works

Once these individuals are invited to join us on the farm, they make a commitment of 30-40 hours weekly. While they participate in the six-month program, they work on our farms and are paid an hourly wage for their labor and attend classes that range from farming basics to personal finance.

This scholarship allows them to feed their families while simultaneously working hard to change the trajectory of their lives. We are looking for both individual and corporate sponsors to provide scholarships for each farmer and take this journey with us!

Provide a Scholarship

The cost of a scholarship for one farmer is $4,000. If you are interested in providing a scholarship please click on the button below to visit our online giving page.