Job Placement

Cul2vate is looking for partnership companies that are willing to hire our program participants upon graduation. All types of companies are desired – not just agriculture.


Our priority is equipping our participants with the base skills that they need to be desirable employees. We seek to place our graduates in healthy environments that provide a sustainable income, as well as continue the process of training in their lives.


Equipping Graduates

We acknowledge that our 6-month program only begins the process. Equipping graduates with base skills knowledge is a lifelong development that doesn’t happen overnight.

We are the connector for the beginning stages for personal and profession growth, and we are linking our graduates with potential employers that commit to walking this journey with the graduates.

Farming is one of the most physically demanding jobs, and to succeed, the farmer has to be present, proactive, and diligent during the entire growing season. Cul2vate is crafting those dependable graduates as potential future employees for companies desiring a strong work ethic and accountable presence.

Interested in Partnering With Cul2vate?

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