Invest in Us

Each growing season means more seeds, water, and supplies! Before the vegetables land on the dinner table, we have to prepare the land, transplant propagated seedlings, fertilize the plants, and then harvest the bounty.

Sponsor Our Farmers

Selected applicants from each community partner with us through a 6-month training program, which consists of learning life skills, agriculture techniques, business skills, and discipleship. As they progress, participants are given row assignments and management tasks involved in delivering produce to their own communities.

Because of their commitment to Cul2vate’s 30-hours-per-week program, our farmers cannot secure full-time employment elsewhere.

Therefore, our farmers need financial support to provide for their families while working in the tunnels. Your donation opens the door for a farmer to learn and still support his family.

Interested in Supporting Cul2vate Financially?

To give to Cul2vate please click the button below to invest, or you can contact us to learn more about how you can support our organization and our farmers.