Give Land

The way to impact the local food crisis by supplying nutritious food requires that we secure land – a requirement that is the biggest impediment to local food production; therefore, Cul2vate is always looking for land for the next tunnel.


New conversations surrounding farm-to-table and localized sourcing of food are opening tremendous opportunities for our graduating farmers to launch into their own food production farming ventures.

The Need for Land

However, the cost of land is prohibitive for these emerging farmers thereby limiting the accessibility of nutritious food within their communities. By donating land, you are providing our farmers the opportunity to serve their communities with healthy food and giving them the tools they need to rise out of poverty.

Interested in Donating Land?

If you own land in an urban or rural area that you want to gift to Cul2vate whether through an outright donation or lease, contact us directly. We will make good use of your gift!

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