Feeding People Physically

As our society has progressed, food deserts have developed in under-resourced communities, and people have been isolated from the infrastructure that facilitates the delivery of nutritious food. They have very limited or no access to the food that they need to live healthy lives.


Our Crops

Cul2vate grows a variety of crops. In our tunnels, we grow vine-type produce to take advantage of our floor to ceiling space. These crops include but are not limited to tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and beans.

We strive to use a crop rotation that creates continuity for our retailers and provides vegetables for a minimum of ten months a year.

We recycle everything and use it for our seasonal outdoor gardens. In these gardens, we mainly grow garden greens and root vegetables. If you drop in, you might even find us trying our hand at strawberries!

The Need is Great

Nationally, one in six people struggle to find enough food to eat. Closer to home, one in ten in Williamson County and two in ten in Davidson County are considered food insecure, and the vast majority of those living below the poverty line have little to no access to nutritional food.


Making Healthy Food Accessible

Cul2vate seeks out these areas and enters them with the equipment and expertise to produce food and make it accessible to the people in these communities.

We bring the food to the people and achieve this through our network of partnerships, as we believe we are stronger when we work together.