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Cul2vate’s main objective is to bring souls to Christ. The vehicle to make that happen is through feeding their bodies. The byproduct is the produce grown on our farms.

Support Our Farmers

As part of 6-month training program with us, we equip our farmers with entrepreneurial skills so that they can sell the vegetables to others in their communities, at farmer’s markets, and to local restaurants and grocery stores.


When you buy our produce, you are giving our farmers a sense of accomplishment, validating their self-worth, and supporting individuals striving to build a better future for them and their families. Additionally, you are providing the resources necessary to continue building tunnels in low-income communities.

Fresh, Hand-Picked and Delivered Daily

We guarantee that our produce is the freshest in middle Tennessee. The vegetables are hand-picked, packed, and delivered daily to various sales outlets. We currently are in the process of finding strategic locations for you to purchase our locally grown produce. Sign up below for updates on where to buy our food.

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